Our Story

The Scientific College of Design is a private art and design institution of higher learning located in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Established by a Ministerial Decree and regulated by the Ministry of Higher Education, the college officially instigated its academic programs and services in October 2004. The college is governed by a board of trustees, guided by the Directorate General of Private Universities and Colleges. The Scientific College of Design is established upon the firm belief in and strong advocacy of the role of the arts as an integral part of our social consciousness, as an agent of progressive change, and as a powerful catalyst in molding the thoughts and actions of our national and global communities.

The college founders uphold the philosophy that design is both an art and a science whereby to create art is to engage in design and that meaningful design is based upon a scientific foundation. As such, the college is rooted in the enduring value of a holistic education that endorses a liberal arts and sciences model of higher education and balances formal design study with a broad exposure to humanities, literature, and the social sciences. The Scientific College of Design is founded upon the principle of academic excellence and cutting edge creativity in art and design benchmarked against the dual criteria of international currency and local relevance.

Growth over the years

The Scientific College of Design exhibited steady growth over the years in students, faculty, and staff. Flexibility and resilience to have a solid operational base for academic programs was a natural output of efforts. The College graduated more than 2522 alumni since its first batch in 2010. Expansion and growth are an evident part of SCD success story.

Student’s intake growth rate


Academic Faculty growth rate


Faculty engagements growth rate


Art & Design Hub

A unique “HUB” has been formed gradually over the years with national and international engagements to create a unique platform among its students, academicians, and practitioners. The Scientific College of Design has always opened its doors for experiential learning opportunities such as specialized workshops and exhibitions.

Award Winning Faculty Members

SCD is recognized for its distinguished specialized institution by its research and artistic output of its constituents. Faculty participated in conferences in the United Stated, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and Jordan.

National & International Engagements

Academic MOU
  • University of Minho
  • Cairo University
  • 6th October University
  • Minia University
  • Higher College of Technology
  • Mazoon College
  • Kuwait Institution
Non Academic MOU
  • National Museum Oman
  • Bank Meithaq
  • Times of Oman
  • SME Development fund
  • Taiseer group

National Pride:

Collaboration with our partners integrates SCD with the community and supports students and alumni to give back to the community. SCD students lead artistic workshops.The Scientific College of Design has accumulated a network of various professional organizations, institutions, and ministries to serve its stakeholders and the art & design community. Furthermore it expanded its facilities and increased resources to fulfill its mission and prepare students for creative careers and empower the community at large.


Faculty Research

Our Accreditation Story

The Scientific College of Design started its journey for institutional accreditation in 2009 with a Quality Audit which generated a report of commendations, affirmations, and recommendations. The report was a roadmap for development of procedures, plans, policies, bylaws as well as improvements of management and governance. Testing the level of improvements, SCD volunteered for a pilot study of Institutional Standards Assessment in 2016. Again the Institutional Standards Assessment report paved the way for further developments and quality enhancement. SCD applied for Institutional Standards Assessment during the following academic year and managed to meet all criteria except two. Policies were initiated and procedures were improved to meet those criteria. The Oman Academic Accreditation Authority granted SCD accreditation status declaring thatScientific College of Design meets all applicable institutional standard in July 2019

Scientific College of Design meets all applicable institutional standard

The Scientific College of Design received the “Institutional Accreditation” certificate from the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority in July 2019 for a period of five years, as SCD met all accreditation requirements of 8 standards and almost 70 criteria, all higher education institutions HEIs in the Sultanate of Oman are subject to the process of institutional and program accreditation, which is compulsory to measure the quality of education and to compare with the accreditation standards and the extent to which they are met. This applies in all countries of the world.

SCD Accreditation benefits for stakeholders:

  • Higher reputation compared to other HEIs in the Sultanate, the region and the world.
  • Self-confidence for the student community and the academic and administrative members.
  • SCD earns the trust of all sectors of the government, private and parents.
  • Add value for graduates when meet employers in the recruitment process and internship.
  • Helps to get the international recognition.
  • The entire community at the Scientific College of Design will maintain this reputation and work as a team to improve performance at all levels and to contribute actively in the development, design and achieve the goals of the fourth strategic plan 2021-2025.

Gradute Attributes

Scientific College of Design, graduate attributes’ domains consist of academic excellence,professionalism, lifelong learning, and ethical responsibility. Therefore, it was critical to setacademic programs which explore a diverse philosophies, techniques, and materials forstudents to investigate the creation of art and design in their respective fields. Faculty areexperienced artists and designers dedicated to provide students with a positive experimentalplatform to analyze design alternatives. As academic excellence is a domain of SCD graduateattributes and an integral part of our mission, it continues to be a main strategy in ouroperational plans. Scientific College of Design uses a holistic approach to academic excellencethrough its academic programs, extracurricular activities, community based projects coursework, workshops, etc.

SCD Dean

Welcome! The Scientific College of Design is an accredited specialized art and design higher education institution in the Sultanate of Oman. SCD students learn from distinguished professors and gain realistic experience through community projects in an engaging campus. Furthermore, SCD students learn from leading practitioners and partners through collaborations and community engagements.

The Scientific College of Design is committed to empower its students and the community at large through its commitment to academic and service excellence. Please join us at the Scientific College of Design and contribute to the creative disciplines.

Dr. Mona Ismail,
Scientific College of Design Dean

SCD Board Members

The Scientific College of Design is formed from eight practitioners and academicians to guarantee professional and diverse governance. The Board endorses long term strategic and annual operational plans as well as approves all SCD policies and operational budget. Board members advance the development of SCD through effective leadership and strategic decision making and active oversight. The Board generates its annual report reflecting its activities and progress.

Board of Trustees Chairman

The Scientific College of Design has made substantial progress in achieving academic excellence. The strength of SCD’s academic and professional offering has placed the college in a unique position as the only specialized art & design institute in Oman. This strength also allows the college to create opportunities for various stakeholders from students, artists, and organizations. We look forward to the college expanding its offering of an in-depth art & design knowledge and practice in Oman and regionally.

HH. Sayyid Dr. Adham Al Said,
Board of Trustees Chairman

Board of Trustees 2021/2022

HH. Sayyid Dr. Adham Al Said is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the College of Economics and Political Science in Sultan Qaboos University. He is also the Managing Partner & Co-founder of The Firm for Business and Economic Consulting, a business advisory company. He chaired the board of the Competition Protection and Monopoly Prevention Center between 2019 and 2020. Currently he chairs the Board of Trustees of the Scientific College of Design and Muscat College. He is also a member of Shari’a Supervisory Board in Muzn Islamic Banking. HH. Sayyid Dr. Adham Al Said is regularly involved in policy consultations and advisory for various government bodies and initiatives including Oman Vision 2040. He continues to contribute business advisory to various Entrepreneurship & SMEs Ecosystem development initiatives. His highness has been active in participating and moderating various public discussion panels.

Dr. Mona Ismail studied at The Ohio State University where she earned a B.S. in Interior Design, M.S. in Interior Design and Masters of City and Regional Planning, and a Ph.D. in Interior Design. She specialized in housing hearing and vision impaired older adults. Dr. Ismail has worked as a faculty member in several Egyptian Universities; the head of the Interior Design Department and the head of the Quality Assurance & Enhancement Unit at the Scientific College of Design. She led the Scientific College of Design for Institutional and Program accreditation projects. Dean Ismail won “Education Leadership Award” from the Golden Globe International Organization in 2015. Dr. Ismail has participated in many international conferences and published a selection of research articles on interior design and quality topics in higher education institutions. She has been an external reviewer for the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority since 2016. Dr. Ismail is on the Board of Directors of the Oman Association for Quality in Higher Education which supports and enhances the higher education sector.

Maisa al hooti is one of the leading professional and entrepreneurs in photography in the Sultanate of Oman . She is renowned multi-award winning underwater photographer in recognition of her professional work in Oman and the region. She is a dedicated professional who take great pride in her work which has been recognized by major world organizations in photography with a focus on underwater photography. She is working hard to share her knowledge and passion for art and photography to Omani youth through various events and venues.

Dr. Badr Al-Maamari is an Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Art Education at the College of Education in Sultan Qaboos University. He specializes in Ceramics ~in which he produced ~ *and has published* more than 45 ~published~ research articles ~in~ on Art Education and Ceramics. *He *has also* conducted a series of regional and international artistic engagements contributing to the field of Art Education. Dr. Badr Al Mamari is a quality expert in ~the~ implementation of academic programs. He was awarded the Sultan Qaboos Award for Professional Excellence in Research, and the Oman Chamber of commerce and Industry Innovation Award in 2017. Dr. Badr Al Mamari has contributed *effectively* to the contemporary artistic movement in the Sultanate of Oman.

Board of Directors

Dr. Moahmmed Adel

Mrs Thuraiya Salah El Deen
Deputy Chairman

Board of Directors 2021/2022

Work at SCD

The Scientific College of Design provides an opportunity for creative academicians to join the hub of art and design. The college is keen on providing an approachable environment and gladly accepts all its members ideas and initiatives. SCD allows individuals to help shape the future generations creative mindset. Click the below link to know more about our available vacancies.