Alumni Club

The Scientific College of Design believes that education does not end with our students obtaining their degrees. We are dedicated to maintaining a stable connection with our alumni and supporting them even after their graduation ceremony. SCD ensures a strong communication stream is building with all graduates by holding annual activities, events and workshops. These events provide alumni with lifelong learning experiences as well as ensure success in their career path.


Alumni Club President

Distinguished guests,
Our role as graduates of the Scientific College of Design is not limited to our academic achievements but extends to our active contribution to the realization of Oman Vision 2040.
This ambitious vision foresees a prosperous future for the Sultanate, built on innovation, economic diversification, and sustainable development.
As members of the Alumni Club, we stand today on the threshold of a new era, committed to being part of this national vision, contributing our ideas and projects that reflect our authentic Omani identity and aspirations towards the future.

Fahad bin Hamad bin Said Al Hadhrami ‎Alumni Club President

SCD alumni are granted various opportunities; The Alumni office holds annual events such as SCD Career Fair. This event allows local and international companies to recruit hardworking talented students and alumni for jobs, internships, and freelance opportunities. As SCD alumni, you are offered an open invitation to SCD events and exhibitions. We are proud to exhibit SCD graduate students work in our gallery and to ensure their academic excellence SCD offers advising and coaching sessions by our Faculty members to guide graduates in their professional life.

SCD specializes in preparing students for a creative,innovative,successful Life

Message from Alumni Head

Congratulations, and welcome to the SCD Alumni Club. SCD certificate is your ticket to enter the SCD Alumni Club, more than 3000+ graduated from SCD and we are happy to be in touch with you all, and we want all of you to stay connected with us. The Alumni Club allows you to build your network, know the achievements accomplished by your fellow alumni and have FUN. The Alumni bond is enjoyable, and it helps you to succeed and connect with us.

Haitham Al AzawiHead of Alumni