International Student Life

International students enrolled at the Scientific College of Design represent 7% of the student body. Twenty one nationalities are represented where the majority belongs to expatriate families living in Oman. The Scientific College of Design has formal recognition in several countries such as Jordan, Egypt, India as well as other Regional Countries. The college supports international students in academic and governmental issues such as acquiring student visas, transportation, and housing (females).

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Health & Wellness

The Scientific College of Design takes meticulous care of the students mental health. We organize educational talks about dealing with work stress, anxiety, addictions and many more. The Scientific College of Design grant students access to a educational mental health platform. SCD students can now share their thoughts and receive feedback from licensed professionals.

TalkCampus has arrived at Scientific College of Design!

Get instant support for your mental health any time of day and night through the TalkCampus app. Student life can be incredibly tough. At TalkCampus we’re here for the moments when you just need a friend. Talk anonymously to students from universities and colleges around the world going through the exact same struggles you are any time of day or night.

This is a safe place where you can talk anonymously about anything and get support for your mental health and whatever is on your mind.

Download TalkCampus for free today!

Once signed up, you’ll be able to:

  • Talk about the ups and downs of life in a safe and supportive environment that’s just for students like you.
  • Share your own experiences and support others, It’s amazing how helpful you can be to someone out there, just by being you!
  • Open up or post anonymously – it’s totally up to you. However you want to talk, we let you do it just that way.
  • Safely share struggles with anxiety, depression, stress, bipolar, self-harm, anorexia or suicidal feelings. Whatever is going on for you right now we’re here.

To sign up to TalkCampus, please use your Scientific College of Design email which will unlock the app free of charge. You will be asked to verify your email before posting. You can read the details of our privacy policy here.

Safety Measures at SCD

  • Building is planned and equipped with adequate air circulation and ventilation
  • All facilities are safe to maintain student wellbeing suchas locks on windows, doors and cabints.
  • Staircase is checked regularly so as to ensure that they are free from any hurdles and are not damaged.
  • Elevators are maintained with annual checkup under the contract with a maintenance company.
  • Any potentially harmful items/material is stored in lockable cabinets.
  • Rooms used for painting classes are equipped with heavy duty exhaust fans as a safety measure from pungent paint smell.

First Aid and Medication

  • SCD clinic is equipped with a nebulizer, blood sugar machine, oxygen O2 cylinder, blood pressure machine, pico light, digital thermometer, stethoscope, wheel chair, mobile screen and examination bed.
  • First Aid and Medication on campus is available from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm under the guidance of a qualified nurse. If needed, she contacts hospital authorities to arrange further medical attention / ambulance.
  • SCD hostel supervisors take responsibility for hostel students after 3:00 pm. If any medical attention is needed they are responsible to contact a nearby hospital and arrange for medical attention / ambulance.
Covid-19 Specific

The college must provide the following:

  • High quality remote thermometer to measure the temperature of everyone entering campus
  • Liquid soap in all toilets, and alcoholic sanitizer with 70% alcohol concentration to be available across campus.
  • Face masks and gloves as needed
  • Tissues and all toilets and classrooms
  • Covered waste bins to be used as a standard
  • Floor cleaning supplies that adhere to certain specifications of containing alcohol to curb the spread of viruses.
  • Room to be specifically used as an isolation chamber


  • A comfortable and well lit environment for students to read and do their assignments.
  • Tidy beds with ample storage for clothing & personal belongings.
  • A live-in nurse with several years of experience and available on call 24X7.
  • Washing machines and dryers are available for hygiene and convenience.
  • A large TV room with several local and foreign channels.
  • A resident Cafeteria that offers cuisine dishes from the Arab Orient.
  • Two custodians manage the building 24X7 and tend to student needs and welfare.
  • Refrigerators and water coolers are available on every floor and the refrigerators are periodically checked for perishables.
  • Hostel Students are allowed daily to access the labs and internet up to 8:00 PM, in order to do research and surf the internet.
  • Ordering out is an available option and one shopping trip is admitted per week
  • A non-smoking environment with frequent cleaning visits and rapid facility maintenance.
  • 24×7 Security service, limiting access after business hours.


Food is fuel for the mind. The Restaurant nourishes and stimulates the intellect of hundreds of students at SCD. Our restaurant is dedicated to providing a variety of quality fresh foods and exceptional service in a friendly environment. Our restaurant offers a wide variety of wheat & gluten-free, low-fat, and more to accommodate various food preferences and allergies. Fresh foods are brought in from local and regional producers to develop healthy and delicious menu items. The Restaurant is constantly improving its menu and facility. The culinary chefs are mindful about purchasing fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat products from Omani Organic Farms and other local producers.

The College Restaurant offers a blend of Gulf & Middle Eastern courses, prepared with fresh ingredients and served in generous portions. The restaurant offers full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, available any time. The restaurant staff is friendly and customer service oriented. Students & staff can also indulge into a delicious choice of ice-cream and other treats all day long. Occasional specials include authentic dishes prepared and served by an expert Chef from Jordan specialized in Middle Eastern & Arabian Gulf recipes. The gourmet specialties include Manssaf (a famous Jordanian dish), Scallops, Stuffed Vegetables, Steaks, Mixed BBQ Grill and other famous Omani gourmets like: Thareed, Harees and Shewah.

Restaurant Hours: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Annual Events

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