Financial Aid

Categories% of discount
Student sibling5
College employee (Omani)100
College employee (other nationality)50
Son/ daughter of college employee50
Students with special needs (medical assessment)100
Artists (Detail portfolio is to be submitted)20
Arab Embassies and Cultural Relations20
Social Security with coordination of Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation50-100
Tuition fee payment in advance for entire year5
Distinguished students (above 3.5 AGPA) who completed 80 hours (maximum one student per program in an academic year)10


  • Complete the appropriate information on the Financial Aid Request form explaining the reasons in detail and submit in person to the Deputy Dean.
  • The Deputy Dean is responsible to forward the form with all relevant documents to the Dean who in turn discusses with the Board of Directors according to the dedicated annual budget.
  • Finally, after getting consent from the Board of Directors, the Dean is responsible for conveying the decision taken, to the Deputy Dean and Finance Office to inform student/parent/guardian.
  • Decisions taken are final. The college will not entertain further appeals.

The following rules govern the distribution of scholarship and tuition fee discount

  • Financial Aid disbursement takes place only in the beginning of Fall & Spring semesters
  • Financial Aid is available only to those students who have submitted the set of documents as indicated in the Financial Aid Request Form.
  • If a student takes more than the total number of required credits for completion of the program, the student is accountable for payment of extra credits taken.
  • Scholarship/tuition fee discount offered is not transferable.
  • Scholarship does not cover any repeated courses or withdrawal.
  • Scholarship does not cover any extra fee such as registration fee, educational material, graduation fee and hostel fee. However, in some cases SCD offers a discount of 50% to 100% against hostel fee.
  • Based on the student’s academic performance and status, the college reserves the right to withdraw the financial aid at any time.
  • SCD offers 100% scholarship to a maximum of 10 students per academic year.
  • SCD offers 50% fees deduction to repeat up to 15 credits to raise AGPA especially for those students who are graduating but with less than 2.0 or less than 2.3 to continue to get Education Diploma Certificate.

Applying for


Prepare Required Documents

Postgraduate applicants obtained a bachelor degree in any relevant artistic field and are searching for an academically qualified degree for them to pursue an advanced career path. Search No More! SCD offers you additional practical skills, contextual knowledge, and research work.

1. Note High school certificate from abroad need to be equaled from MOE

2. Note If the bachelor degree was obtained abroad Oman, We request to equaled from MOHERI

Prepare Required Documents

Are looking for a creative career? Are you wishing to obtain skills and academic knowledge on how to create effective and professional artwork? Then this is your place. We believe that art and design skills help to learn and develop a professional career. Therefore, we build our academic programs to develop and encourage creative thinking, imagination, research and most importantly overcoming challenges while being equipped with problem-solving techniques.

Prepare Required Documents

International students from the MENA region as well as Europe attend SCD to learn art and design majors. We are proud to offer a diverse community for emerging artists and designers to pursue their passion. In case of student request for a visa, processing fee and labor card expenses are incurred by the family/guardian.

Prepare Required Documents

SCD opens its door to transfer students from respective college/Universities. SCD admission and registration team along with the specialized department review the applicant transcripts to determine which classes have the potential to be transfer to SCD.

Upcoming Semester Dates

Fall (Begins in October)

Spring (Begins in February)

Applications are accepted at any time throughout the year. SCD has no deadlines to apply; although, we encourage students to apply at least 14 days before their intended semester start date.

Final Step



Start Application


Fill the Form


Upload Documents


Submit Application

Application are accepted during all time .

Start you application now an obtain a creative career

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Get a real life experience of SCD student life. We offer you a guided tour around SCD campus and faculties. Visit our state of art labs, various studios, theater, student lounge, outdoor sitting area along with answering all your inquires about the suspected major to enroll in.


Admission Fees

General Foundation Program

General Foundation Program is to enhance students’ proficiency in English language, Math, Information Technology, Research, and Study Skills by providing a student-centered teaching- learning environment to successfully engage in their academic programs and foster independent lifelong learning.

GFP Level 1--675 OMR
GFP Level 2950 OMR
GFP Level 3950 OMR
Grand Total2,575 OMR

Other Fees

Equivalence25 OMROur Equivalence fees are credited as part of the registration fees for the first semester and non-refundable
Registration Fees25 OMR -
Education Material100 OMRDuring the summer semester its 7 OMR per registered credit hours.
Graduation Fees45 OMR-
* Fees / Tuitions are subject to be changed according to the college financial policies / procedures and after MOHERI approval