Medium of instruction


Degree awarding body


Training Unit Mission

Provide specialized and varied training programs that meet the requirements of career work and contribute to the development and raising the efficiency of academic and administrative performance as well as serving the sons and daughters of the community and contribute to the development of their work skills.

Course Description

The program aims at preparing and developing the students’ creativity and innovation as well as helping them to master the rules of research and communication related to fashion and textile designs and arts. It also prepares them to deal with the latest developments and keep abreast of modern technology in the field of design and fashion manufacturing. In addition, the program enhances the students' training and field skills and makes them acquire the ability to prepare project feasibility and methods of the scientific research in order to be able to complete their graduate studies.

Training Unit Objectives

  • Identify the needs of faculty members and their assistants from different training courses annually.
  • Determine the needs of the administrators and technicians of the College of different training courses annually.
  • Determine the training needs of graduates of the College in different fields annually.
  • Provide proposed training plans for all target groups within and outside the college.
  • Implementation of training courses for all targets.
  • Evaluation of the implemented training courses.
  • Issuing bulletins and periodicals on the services provided by the unit.