30 Hours

Medium of instruction


Degree awarding body


Training Unit Mission

Provide specialized and varied training programs that meet the requirements of career work and contribute to the development and raising the efficiency of academic and administrative performance as well as serving the sons and daughters of the community and contribute to the development of their work skills.

Course Description

Architectural is the mother of the arts, which is distinguished from other art forms by its sense of function, its localized quality, its public and non-personal character, and its continuity with the decorative arts. Architecture is a visual art, an idea that takes the parts of a structure and turns them into a whole system. This is done with objectives and limitations, with reference to behavioral design. The aesthetic of architecture is, in its very essence, an aesthetic of everyday life. Architecture includes a wide range of interests ranging from the profession of designing building, open areas, communities, and other artificial constructions and environments, usually with some regard to aesthetic effect. Architecture sometimes includes design or selection of furnishing and decorations, supervision of construction work, and the examination, restoration, or remodeling of existing buildings.

Training Unit Objectives

  • Identify the needs of faculty members and their assistants from different training courses annually.
  • Determine the needs of the administrators and technicians of the College of different training courses annually.
  • Determine the training needs of graduates of the College in different fields annually.
  • Provide proposed training plans for all target groups within and outside the college.
  • Implementation of training courses for all targets.
  • Evaluation of the implemented training courses.
  • Issuing bulletins and periodicals on the services provided by the unit.