On 12th September, 2019, the English Language, Basic Sciences and Humanities department held the second session with Mazoon College delegation to further discuss the procedure and practices of benchmarking the General Foundation Programs in both institutions. The meeting was attended by Dr. Mona Ismail, Dean-SCD, Dr. Nitham Odeh, Head of English Department-SCD, Dr. Harini Methuku, QA&E Unit Head-SCD, Dr. Sylvia D’mello, the GFP Coordinator-SCD, Mr. Tariq Refai, Examination Committee in-charge at GFP-SCD. Dr. Jameela Khatoon, Head of QA Department-Mazoon College, Mr. Naseem Shihab, GFP Coordinator-Mazoon College and Ms. Amtul Amera. Fruitful comprehensive discussions were held in a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

In the first session held on 16th July, 2019, the two delegations discussed the two benchmarking templates designed by both colleges to agree upon the procedure and areas to be benchmarked. In their second meeting on 12thSeptember 2019, the members of both delegations started exchanging ideas and opinions about a lot of areas pertaining to the GFP in the two institutions including teaching practices, faculty loads, pass criteria, remedial plans, low-achievement students’ support, entering standards, English clubs, placement tests and exit exams.

By the end of the meeting, Dr. Nitham Odeh, Head of ELBS&H department, thanked all attendees and promised to maintain cooperation with Mazoon College so that both institutions can enhance teaching practices and achieve high standards in the light of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by both colleges earlier in this year at the deanship level.