Student Advisory Council

The council consists of members elected by the students to represent them, follow up
their issues, raise their awareness, work with the college administration to solve their
problems, work on raising the level of the student activities in various areas, instill the
values of volunteerism and enhance the prospects of communication between students
and the stakeholders in the college in addition to many other objectives.
The candidate for the council should have completed at least one semester with minimum
load of 12 credited hours and a minimum GPA of 2.00. The number of the student
representatives should be commensurate with the whole number of the registered
students in the college.

Thus, this academic year’s council should consist of 11 members as the number of the
registered students is less than 1500. This number comes according to the Regulatory
Manual of the Advisory Councils in the Institutions of Higher Education which was
issued by the Ministry of Higher Education in 2014 ( at the beginning of each academic
year, this manual is sent to the students’ emails prior to the opening of nomination to
elect the council members).

In their first procedural meeting, the elected members shall choose, by the secret ballot,
the head of the council, the deputy and the heads of the three permanent subcommittees
which are Academic Affairs Committee, Student Services Committee and Activities
and Initiatives Committee.

The activities and events carried out by the council:

  1. Organizing the orientation program for freshman students
  2. National Day Celebration
  3. Open Day
  4. Much more others: Entertainment trips, scientific field trips, symposium, lectures,
    outside participation, exhibitions and others.