Omani Cultural Space Proposal at IDF EXPO

Graduation Students of SCD have participated in Designing Omani Cultural Space for the third IDF Exhibition ( Interior Design & Furniture EXPO 2017) held from 23rd-26th of January, 2017 at Oman convention & Exhibition centre. However, the organizing Committee has postponed the execution of it till IDF 2018 due to financial pressure. At early beginning of the project, students Ishraq Al Maawali; Fatma Al- Sidairi; Al Muzun Al Maawali, Zainab Al Jaafari has been asked to come up with a creative solution that represents Oman and shows some of its cultural values. The team comes up with a statement: " design proposal should provide a small space that represents Oman where visitors can stop by and live a moment with Omani cultural traditions. Rather than showcasing a broad range of Omani expertise, we want to develop a space with which the traditional elements of Omani architecture can be displayed. We want to design an envelope whose architecture is a demonstration for what is exhibiting." By mid of December 2016, the team prepared proposal (1) and met the organizer Mr. Adel Osman. The Concept was that: "The Omanis are very friendly and welcoming people, in our proposal we want to show the special way that Omanis welcome their guests. In order to express the concept of welcoming we searched for places and elements that can be interpreted directly by the receivers as welcoming. Two elements are used to express welcoming: the courtyard which is the reception space in the traditional Omani house; and the Omani "Luban" fragrance that is used for welcoming people. The exhibition is simply a courtyard that contains the Omani fragrance, and the opened doors are inviting visitors to come in and let the Luban scent to spread out.” After discussing few issues with Mr. Osman, he rejected proposal 1 and asked the team to work on more vital, modern and indirect way of using Omani Architectural elements. Accordingly, three students of the team (Ishraq Al Maawali; Fatma Al- Sidairi; Al Muzun Al Maawali) decided to change the concept taking into considerations the client's ambitious requirements. They carried out a new proposal in which a metaphoric phrase is used to describe their new concept" The portal." In this Exhibition space of 6 by 6 meters a marina walkway, ship’s body &sails, Omani Castle and Omani Panoramic view have been all abstracted and used to give an image to this portal/exhibition space. The team prepared a central displaying area 2.5 by 2.5 meter for displaying a model of a traditional house in Bowsher that is "Bait Al Maqham", which has been implemented by a group of SCD students under the supervision of Mr. Milenko Ivanovic.

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