Highlight from “The Art of Collage ” Exhibition

The visual language is one of the most important components of artistic expression and this can only be achieved through visually dealing with the vocabulary, and reformulating it in a language and artistic, and aesthetic expression that expresses the concepts and foundations through which the artists can compose their units for his artistic subjects. The art of “collage” is one of the arts that needs a conscious visual vision, in which the artists choose their components and their supplements from the prefabricated elements with great awareness, so that harmony can be achieved between the ready-made units and what they formulate in a constricted unit.

Thus, students of art education at the Department of Fine Arts at the Scientific College of Design show the results of their work “collage paintings” which express a serious attempt to convert the verbal language into a visual form through a creative process which shows the ability to

achieve aesthetic values by using different materials and integrate them under the various elements and principles of design.

Instructor’s Message / Dr. Nehad El Husseini