About SCD

The Scientific College of Design is a private art and design institution of higher learning located in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Established by a Ministerial Decree and regulated by the Ministry of Higher Education, the college officially instigated its academic programs and services in October 2004. The college is governed by a board of trustees, guided by the Directorate General of Private Universities and Colleges. The Scientific College of Design is established upon the firm belief in and strong advocacy of the role of the arts as an integral part of our social consciousness, as an agent of progressive change, and as a powerful catalyst in molding the thoughts and actions of our national and global communities.

The college founders uphold the philosophy that design is both an art and a science whereby to create art is to engage in design and that meaningful design is based upon a scientific foundation. As such, the college is rooted in the enduring value of a holistic education that endorses a liberal arts and sciences model of higher education and balances formal design study with a broad exposure to humanities, literature, and the social sciences. The Scientific College of Design is founded upon the principle of academic excellence and cutting edge creativity in art and design benchmarked against the dual criteria of international currency and local relevance.


Scientific College of Design aspires to occupy a preeminent position among leading art and design institutions and shape a generation of leading artists and designers who value personal integrity, moral responsibility, and civic pride.


Scientific College of Design is committed to academic excellence, student centeredness, and offers art & design education through practical and theoretical knowledge in an engaging environment.


  • Scientific College of Design is guided by these set of values in conducting its daily activities and in planning future activities.
  • Excellence
  • Commit to academic and service excellence.
  • Integrity
  • Uphold the principles of academic integrity including fairness, accountability, and honesty.
  • Ethical and Moral Responsibility
  • Foster a community of artists and designers who operate as an extended family with a strong sense of leadership and ethical and moral responsibility.
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Promote the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and personal and professional development throughout one’s lifetime.
  • Transparency
  • Maintain a culture of transparency among all SCD stakeholders.

Graduate Attributes

Academic Excellence

a. Apply acquired knowledge & skills
b. Defend and critique Art and Design projects
c. Use research to explore theoretical and historical precedence


a. Promote competence and creativity
b. Demonstrate application of technology in the field
c. Apply effective communication skills

Lifelong Learning

a. Stay abreast with technological advances in the field
b. Maintain sustainability in the market
c. Seek knowledge through lifelong learning

Ethical Responsibility

a. Enforce value of personal and academic integrity
b. Be able to work in culturally diverse settings
c. Promote moral responsibilities and respect to others


SCD Affliations

Scientific College of Design signed Memorandum of Understanding to monitor the implementation of the academic programs through regular support and assessments visits every semester. A quality visit is performed at the end of every academic year to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs as well supporting administrative activities. Visit reports are submitted to the institution and the Ministry of Higher Education Directorate General of Private Universities & Colleges within three weeks. Institutions of affiliation faculty members conduct various professional development workshops/lectures/presentations to SCD community. This process enables SCD to be in continuous communication with affiliated universities and in development process.

Scientific College of Design offers eight undergraduate programs.
Graphic Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Photography, Fine Arts, Fashion Design and Animation are affiliated with Lebanese American University, Lebanon.


Board of Trustees 2018/2019

H.H. Dr. Adham Al Said, SQU, Chair
Mr. Ali Swedan, BoD Representative
Dr. Jalal Al Hadrami, BoD Representative
Dr. Mona Ismail, SCD Dean
Ms. Maisaa Al Hooti
Architect Khalid Al Mahrooqi
Ms. Amal Al Raisi
Mazin Said Al Adawi, MoHE Rep

Board oF Directors 2018/2019

Dr. Mohammed Adel Hosni, Chairman
Mrs. Thuriya Salah Deen Yousef, Deputy Chairman
Mr. Ali Swedan al Blushi
Ms. Mariam Al Jabri

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance & Enhancement Unit identifies the meaning of "Quality" at the Scientific College of Design and disseminate quality awareness among students, faculty , and staff. It oversees all academic and administrative activities of SCD to ensure appropriate implementation of policies and rules through analysis of various assessments. The unit supports and monitors Academic and Administrative Departments and College Council Committees. In addition, it provides leadership in the development and implementation of achievements of SCD strategic and Operational Plans.
  • Identify the meaning of “Quality” at SCD and disseminate quality awareness among students, faculty, and staff.
  • Provides leadership for the development and regular review of SCD Mission, Vision, and Goals.
  • Provides leadership in the development and implementation of achievements of SCD Strategic and Operational Plans.
  • Acts as a reference point between Oman Academic Accreditation Authority and academic departments.
  • Coordinate communication with Institutions of affiliation on academic support, assessment visits, and reports.
  • Coordinate communications to establish relationships with local and international institutes.
  • The Quality Assurance and Enhancement Unit develop and monitor concerned departments on assigned tasks to ensure the implementation of college policies and decisions.
  • Monitor College Council Committees and archive reports, action plans, and meeting minutes.
  • Monitor academic and administrative departments to address weaknesses for improvement. Archive reports, action plans, and meeting minutes.
  • Facilitate and develops plans to achieve local and international accreditation for Institutional and Programs Accreditation.
  • Initiate External Advisory Committee and coordinate with academic departments for program assessment and development.
  • Coordinate with Research and Faculty Promotion Committee for Faculty development. Coordinate with Staff Affairs Committee for administrative staff development. Coordinate with College Dean on development of QA&E unit’s staff through conference participation.
  • Oversees all academic and administrative activities of SCD to ensure appropriate implementation of policies and rules through analysis of various assessments.
  • QA&E Unit consists of Head, Deputy Dean, Faculty Representatives, and Students’ Affairs Head.
  • QA&E Unit reports to College Dean

Faculty and Staff