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General Foundation

The General Foundation Program (GFP) is an integral part of Scientific College of Design. It is a non-credit program, designed for students whose level of English proficiency  does not meet the requirements for direct entry to undergraduate programs.   


Areas of learning

Our 3-level intensive program is carefully designed  to endow students with all the skills necessary to succeed in their major through the following courses:

1. English Language.

2. Mathematics.

3. Computing.

4. General Study Skills.



Our student-centered classrooms operate on collaboration, interactive activities, technology integration and plenty of conversation between students and instructors in the target language. Instructors present topic centered lessons on authentic real-life tasks that motivate student participation and involvement.


Other Highlights:

Our motto is to provide students with the extra support they need to excel in their studies. This includes but not limited to:

·       LCD projector and computer equipped classes.

·       Remedial English classes

·       English Club

·       Resource Centre

·       Highly qualified and innovative faculty

·       Academic Advising