Architecture & Interior Design

The Architecture and Interior Design Department offers Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and Bachelor of Architecture. The Architecture and Interior Design programs are designed to educate competent designers who will have the knowledge and skills necessary to creatively engage in different scale design problems.

Architecture is the mother of the arts, which is distinguished from other art forms by its sense of function, its localized quality, its technique, its public and non-personal character, and its continuity with the decorative arts.
Architecture is a visual art, an idea that takes the parts of a structure and turns them into a whole system. This is done with objectives and limitations, with reference to behavioural design. The aesthetic of architecture is, in its very essence, an aesthetic of everyday life. Architecture includes a wide range of interests ranging from the profession of designing buildings, open areas, communities, and other artificial constructions and environments, usually with some regard to aesthetic effect.
Architecture sometimes includes design or selection of furnishings and decorations, supervision of construction work, and the examination, restoration, or remodelling of existing buildings.

Program Objectives
  • Offer students, who successfully complete their studies, the professional degree of Bachelor of Architecture.
  • Provide a platform for graduate specializations in architecture, urban planning, urban design, landscape design, digital design, and other fields in design.
  • Develop a broad base of theoretical knowledge and the necessary practical skills.
  • Assert the role of an architect as a synthesizer of the different factors which affect the built environment.
  • Expose students to the current issues in theory and practice and to the latest technology in the field.
Career Opportunities
  • Architecture Firms
  • Construction Companies
  • Interior Design Firms
  • Ministry of Housing
  • Muscat Municipality
  • Ministry of Tourism
  • Civil Defense
  • Ministry of Aviation
  • Ministry of Environment (Engineering Departments)
  • Royal Court Affairs

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Interior design is the process of conceptualizing space and creating commodious and expressive interior environments, which enhance the quality of life and contribute to the health, safety and welfare of society.

The practice of interior design integrates the aesthetic and the cultural domains with the functional and the technical ones to provide design solutions that respond to human needs. Interior design gives shape and meaning to the spaces that we inhabit and in so doing enriches our lives. Interior designers advance creative designs for commercial, institutional and residential spaces and respond to the design challenges in the healthcare, entertainment and hospitality industries.

Program Objectives
  • The students acquire the communication skill through either free-hand drawing or computer programs, rendering, mechanical and perspective drawing, model building utilizing the language of design; and time-management
  • Students will have the ability to engage in pre-design investigations that demonstrate the ability to gather and analyze relevant information, evaluate issues, set priorities, & prepare documents & drawings.
  • Apply elements and principles of design, knowledge of history of art, interiors, & creativity in interior design.
  • Incorporate client needs, goals and resources, new technology, human comfort theories, environmental sustainability and ecological issues into interior design.
  • Students will explore and generate creative solutions via a symmetric and coordinated design process that integrates functional and aesthetic concerns.
  • Students will be able to justify and defend design solutions as it relates to relevant criteria derived from the problem/program or larger concepts that recognize best practices or innovation (e.g. socioeconomic sustainability, global issues).
  • Instill a sense of responsibility for improving society, protecting the environment, and designing for all ages and all types of buildings.
  • Interpret construction documents such as renderings, floor plans, isometric perspectives, and specifications.
Career Opportunities
  • Gain employment as an interior designer in architectural, interior, and creative design firms.
  • Work in management and sales within the design industry in the domains of furniture, lighting, fabrics, and finishes.
  • Seek employment as creative designer in theatrical and TV set design as well as in general media productions.

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Meet the Faculty

Dr. Sohair Hegazi
Architecture and Interior Design Head of Department
Dr. Janan Janan
Architecture and Interior Design Instructor
Areej Al Khayat
Architecture and Interior Design Instructor
Akel Freij
Architecture and Interior Design Instructor
Milenko Ivanovic
Architecture and Interior Design Instructor
Aya Abbasi
Architecture and Interior Design Instructor
Majid Saleh
Architecture and Interior Design Instructor
Dr. Turki Husain Ali
Architecture and Interior Design Instructor

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