Bait Al Mokham Model

Within the policy of the Arch. & Interior Design Dept., the Scientific College of Design in its efforts to strengthen the relationship between the academic study and community, the Dept. head had an agreement with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage to prepare a model of one of the traditional Omani buildings, Bait Al Mokham which was upgraded recently as a museum. The students of Technical Graphics III, for duration of one year supervised by Mr. Milenko started the pre-study by visiting the building, taking photos, preparing the drawings. A study model was prepared before starting the final model in scale 1/200 using the laser cutting machine. Two representatives of the Ministry attended the celebration of submitting the model to the Ministry on the 12th. of December, 2016; Mr. Suliman Subhi, the manager of Upgrading & Maintenance Dept. and Eng. Badria Al Busaidi, the Acting Manager of castles and Forts Dept. Both of them appreciated a lot the final model and asked for further cooperation.

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